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Vhelp India Organization

The founders of VHelp India Organization come from a background & life experiences of village grounds of Karnataka, in Southern India. The family closely understands the compelling needs and thus, aims to resolve impact fully by connecting the right donors, volunteers to the people in need.

VHelp India Organization acts as a crowd funding community connecting non profit, donors, and companies across the world to grant access to the tools, training, and support the villages need to be more effective in providing clean water and sanitation. Thus making education accessible and improving the quality of health, and life at the same time.

  • REG NO : BNG(U) JNR 559/ 2021-22
  • PAN NO : AADTV6366R
  • Darpan Reg: KA/2022/0323949

We envision changing the perception linked to the reality of the needy, but more importantly, bring the diametric change in the fallacies believed in regard of the process of donations to the truthfulness behind the operations.


VHelp India Organization aims to frame projects and connect valid donors and passionate volunteers to nurture good health, learning and progress in all spheres of human lives in the villages of Southern India.


We ensure ethical practices and complete transparency from the information of the donor, the project the donation is for, the progress on the execution, and the implementation of the resources on the field of the respective operation.


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Medical Support

Suviksha, (Hospital Number: 4757574) aged 1-year-old, female.Admitted Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit.Patient is diagnosed with B Cell Acute lymphocytic leukaemia on 06/09/2022. 

Food For Children

As an enabling NGO VHelp India Organization is in shelter and education. There are 42 Children’s out of which 8 children’s are blind and 22 are girls.

Child Education

Education is among the most crucial determinants of a better tomorrow for an individual, a community, or a country.As schools across India prepare to welcome children back

Orphan Children

VHelp India is committed to improve the lives of youth who eventually age out having never found an adoptive family to care for them. They have been less likely to graduate,

Vhelp India Organization

Our Mission

Vhelp India Organization aims to frame projects and connect valid donors and passionate volunteers to nurture good health, learning and progress in all spheres of human lives in the villages of Southern India. Join our mission today

Our Story

Donating to the causes you care about not only benefits the charitable, Valuable themselves, it can be deeply rewarding for you too. Millions of people give to charity on a regular basis to support causes they believe in, as well as for the positive effect it has on their own lives.









Education Is Essential For BETTER FUTURE.

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Asked Quesitons

We Need Your Help

How to make a donation on your site ?

It is not hard to make a donation right on the site. You only need to choose one of our campaigns that you love, then fill some important information in a form.

Becoming a volunteer is very difficult ?

It is simple to become a volunteer. You look for selected volunteer opportunities on our sites, fill all necessary information in the form and wait until we contact with you.

How can i raise fund for poor people ?

We have many campaigns to support people living in the poverty. If you love to raise fund for them, contact with us to know more details about campaigns dedicated to the poor.

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Registered under Govt of India<br>
REG NO : BNG(U) JNR 559/ 2021-22<br>

Vhelp India Org aims to help orphan children one step at a time. Donating to the causes you care about can be deeply rewarding for you too.


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